Zion Train

Zion Train are Dub/Dance pioneers and Reggae Grammy award winners, and have been undisputed leaders in the genre for over 3 decades. The live experience is legendary with audiences around the globe being whipped into a frenzy by pounding bass and heavy rhythms.

They have been one of the planet’s most prolific groups, along with a mammoth recorded output and innumerable production credits, remixes and song writing collaborations they have produced magazines, CD-ROMs, Internet sites and built sound systems.

The album ‘Illuminate’ was released in 2020 and features 9 vocalists alongside extremely talented musicians. The vocalists include Cara-Jane Murphy, Michel Grena, Prince Jamo and Rider Shafique and amongst the musicians are such luminaries as Paolo Baldini, Don Fe and Gianni Denitto.

The band were joined by Cara for live shows in 2022 and this lineup revisits Zion Train’s origins at the core of the 90s protest movement.

Their latest album ‘Dissident Sound’ was released on the summer solstice 2023, followed by the ‘Dissident Sounds Remix EP’ on 20th March, spring equinox 2024. For this album Zion Train return to their roots, with copious amounts of analogue Dub mixing performed by producer Neil Perch on his vintage TAC Scorpion desk. 

Perch returned to his roots with regular Sound System sessions on his Abassi Hi Power and Zion Train will be back on the road playing festivals across the world in 2024.

‘Live they are a Dub Sound System for the New Age. They play so loudly that the reggae pulse becomes internalised, the body’s surfaces reverberating like the cloth covering on the speaker cabinets… it’s a remarkably consoling experience’

Independent on Sunday

‘… a creative tour de force, showing that reggae these days is much more than similarly metallic dancehall rhythms, ripe for MCs to boast a-top’

‘Live As One’ Review


‘…. something like good-old style, nicely flavoured with some new, wild and hot spices’

‘Land Of The Blind’ review


‘It has been a twisty turny adventure for Zion Train over the last 30 years…. a journey of adventure and experimentation, dabbling in all sorts of dancehall vibrations but at all times retaining that dubby edge’

'Illuminate' review


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