Warsaw Village Band

Warsaw Village Band present modern music, played by modern people, inspired by tradition, for this and future generations. The live show features; Dulcimer, Suka, Hurdy Gurdy, Violins and Traditional Vocals with Horns, Percussion, Double Bass and a Live Dub Mix !

The band’s 7th album ‘Sun Celebration’ exalts in the spiritual brotherhood that crosses religious & ethnic boundaries which are elevated in these restless times and that Warsaw Village Band have experienced on their travels. It features guests from India, Persia & Spanish Galicia.

The band are celebrating their 20th birthday in 2017 and presented a great party show in Warsawa in November, with Bill Laswell as special guest.

‘That is Warsaw Village Band ‘LuLuLabby’, the freshest and best thing that’s hit my ears in a long while…So hats off to the amazing, beautiful energy and precision and fresh delivery of WVB. I have no possible disagreement with a lady or group of ladies who can open their mouths and sing like that.”

Iggy Pop

'Iggy Confidential' BBC Radio 6 Music

Traditional Polish songs, with their cutting vocals and meshed fiddles are the foundation of Warsaw Village Band’s repertory. But while their lineup is primarily acoustic – hand drums, hammered dilcimer, violins, cello – their sensibilities are modern. They hear dance -club drive and trancey echoes in the songs and they use recording studio techniques to heighten the central drones and eerie percussive sounds in their songs

The New York Times

Global experimentation, Polish-style. Warsaw Village Band are one of the most inventive folk groups in Europe, with an edgy, driving style in which the harsh-edged female-harmony vocals of Magdalena Sobczak-Kotnarowska and Sylwia Świątkowska are matched against violins, percussion, dulcimer and brass… An inventive and often thrilling exercise in breaking down musical borders.

Robin Denselow

'Sun Celebration' Review, The Guardian

‘Uncompromising in their insistence on mixing sounds from a diverse array of traditions, these thirteen mesmerising tracks are sewn together by the common thread of sky worship and, like the mystical solar cults this album celebrates, the music pulsates with mystery, passion and otherworldliness.’

Liam Wilkinson

'Sun Celebration' Review, Northern Sky Magazine

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