Captain of the Lost Waves

Captain Of The Lost Waves is a timeless troubadour, creating a concoction of music & interactive, intuitive performance…

No show is ever the same. These are the lost stories and the hidden gems, much like The Captain himself! Described as a ‘Pixar-esque journey’, keeping all suitably stimulated in a variety of medium & moods.

If you enjoy a little ‘Nu Vaudeville’ and ‘Renaissance of the Bard’ then please come forth; if you like to be actively involved in a show and not merely just another bystander, then please come forth; if you like something which is uniquely different every time and is joyously anarchic and highly unpredictable, then please come forth. If you like defying the norms of social convention and enjoy laughter and fun-fuelled rebellion and reflection in equal measure, then please do come forth.

The release of the debut album ‘Hidden Gems – Chapter 1’ on the BBC (Brigand Broadcasting Company) in February 2017 will be accompanied by a series of performances in unusual, bespoke, intimate & engaged settings, in both solo and band guises.

‘Let’s be clear: The Captain really can sing. I don’t just mean he can sing in Fringe terms – I mean he has a voice you might hear on a West End stage, or here in Edinburgh at a recital in the Usher Hall.’


FRINGE GURU , (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

‘The Captain often appears in those rare live performances as a one man wonder, his own man, oddball perhaps, unique in the way that distinguishes original artists from the copyists’


‘… his distinguishing feature is his superb operatic singing, alongside the edginess of his lyrics and the well crafted production of this eclectic set’


Colin Bailey


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