C.W. Lawson

A gifted, young Kent based Singer-Songwriter

Possessing a smokey cool, distinctive and engaging vocal style, superb mastery of the guitar and not only clever song writing, but material which allows him to eloquently convey sentiment and beautifully depict imagery to the listener.

C.W. has spent the last few years honing his craft, performing to appreciative audiences in both the UK, and more recently across Europe supporting his old friend Luke Jackson.

As a confident and captivating performer C.W. Lawson has an innate ability to capture the moment and appeal to the demographic he finds himself addressing. He does so through a mix of his original material as well as dropping in his interpretation of the odd well known cover.

Post the success of his 2017 EP ‘Come The Autumn’, November 2018 saw the release of his greatly anticipated eponymously titled debut album, C. W. Lawson. He has spent time during ‘Lockdown’ perfecting the recording of his voice and guitar and will begin work on his second album in the Winter of 2020.

The quality of his songwriting and performance, combined with the fact that he’s simply a really nice guy, will ensure that he will soon be on everyones radar…

‘His voice is present and warm with a strong mid-range and understated rasp and it is immediately clear he knows how to write songs that show off his vocals to best effect’
Paul Jackson

FATEA Magazine

‘C.W. Lawson is somethin’ very special. Blessed wi’ one o’ the coolest, spellbindin’ & instantly recognisable vocals I’ve heard, a natural ability for intuitive, erudite an’ evocative songwritin’, excellent musicianship, not a scintilla o’ ego’
Rossie Ross

Promoter, Manager, Agent, Scottish Lyricist & All Roond Muso

As soon as I heard this next artists vocals, I knew immediately he was going in my next show’

Casey Dale

BBC Kent Introducing

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