Blackbeard’s Tea Party

Their bold and riotous modern folk rock is built for late nights and big stages. Hold on to your tricorn hats and be prepared to stamp your wooden legs – Blackbeard’s Tea Party are in town. Sea-shanties will be given a bombastic rock edge, and folk instrumentals will become late-night floor-fillers when this raucous bunch of reprobates hit the stage. They have dirt under their fingernails and a twinkle in their eyes, and you can expect fantastic musicianship, playful choreography and an unstoppable urge to move your body.

Drums, bass, electric guitars, fiddle, melodeon and 4-part harmonies combine to create music that is drenched in tradition, but filtered through a kaleidoscope of modern rock and pop. Established as the go-to band for folkin’ fun shenanigans, Blackbeard’s Tea Party have played memorable sets at; Glastonbury, Cambridge Folk Festival, Fairport’s Cropredy Convention, The Rainforest World Music Festival in Borneo and many many more.

The band spent ‘Lockdown’ writing remotely for their ‘Kick The Curb’ album which which featured new additions to the lineup, Ben Trott on Guitar and Paddy Lester-Rourke on Bass, & was released in 2022.

They have just put the finishing touches to their latest album ‘We Are People’. An exploration of the past & the present, which asks what it means to be British right now, from a personal, poltical & piratical perspective. This will be released in September 2024 & the band will undertake a 15 date tour of the UK through October, November & the beginning of December.

Barnstorming buccaneers belting our riff-tastic folk rock


‘Contemporary folk rock at its most infectious’


York’s answer to The Pogues, but with cleaner fingernails

The Telegraph

Blackbeard’s Tea Party restored my faith in foot-tapping, fun, energy-packed music recently. In short: they make shanties chic

Roger Crow

Huffington Post

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