Baka Beyond

Musicians from 6 countries on the Celtic fringes of Europe and the West coast of Africa join together to play the most original live world fusion sound around.

2023 saw Baka Beyond celebrate their 30th anniversary as a band. In October 1993 their groundbreaking album ‘Spirit of the Forest’ was released to great acclaim. The release was consequently regarded a classic of the genre.

Through this spell of mixing African and Celtic music in equal measure, Baka Beyond have become one of the finest danceable bands around, creating the sound of the global village. Originally inspired by the music of the Baka Forest People, Pygmies whose music and dance have been celebrated since the time of the Pharaohs. Baka Beyond use the Baka rhythms to fuse music from the band-members’ Celtic and African roots. The resulting music is highly infectious and crosses boundaries of genre, age and ethnicity.

Over the 30 years of touring around the world Baka Beyond’s live performance has evolved. The current show has developed to include a multi-media element. Videos from the Cameroon rainforest are projected behind the band, cleverly synchronised with the live music so that the Baka people become part of the live show.

The band will release the first new material in some time during 2024 & will be on the road in the Autumn joined by joined by vocalist Rebeca Omereye & fiddle prodigy Ben Weedon to play this live.

‘If there has to be a definition of world music, this is it!’

Andy Kershaw

‘Their music is joyous, uplifting and authentic. Their on-stage presence is exciting and infectious, and for us, as an established world/roots music festival they always deliver.’

Liz Holmes

Knockengorroch World Ceilidh

‘. . . if you are not dancing, maybe you should have someone check your pulse. The party atmosphere was irrepressible’

Evening Standard

‘It was impossible to resist the relentlessly upbeat nature of the music. There were big smiles on screen, on stage, and in the audience as the music progressed to a final grand dance with everyone standing and moving to the intoxicating rhythm.’

Pete Taberner

Bristol Post

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