BigD Promotions is a Music Booking Agency run by Dave Tench.

Dave has been involved the music business for over 25 years. He began this excursion as a member of the Zion Train collective in the early 90s. As Tour Manager for the dub/dance pioneers, he travelled to most countries in northern and southern Europe over a 10 year period, making contacts and friends at venues and festivals across the continent.

In the late 90s Dave progressed to representing the band as their agent and he established BigD Promotions. He booked tours and festival appearances for them across the world. Other artists from the roots and dub genres joined the BigD Promotions roster in the subsequent years and the agency continued to grow and develop.

Word of Dave’s ethical and conscious approach to the music business spread, and artists such as Baka Beyond and Soothsayers broadened the agency’s musical style. Dave has booked shows for renowned Jamaican reggae artists Johnny Clarke, Cornel Campbell and Half Pint.

In 2012 Monster Ceilidh Band joined BigD and a new electro-folk avenue opened up. They were joined by The Shee, Roving Crows and Kíla in 2016, Warsaw Village Band in 2017, Blackbeard’s Tea Party and C. W. Lawson in 2018 and also The Demon Barbers XL in 2019. BigD Promotions continues to grow and move from strength to strength.

Why work with BigD Promotions?

Programmers, Promoters & Party Organisers:

We offer experienced, quality musicians, who provide original and exciting performances in many different genres and styles.

BigD Promotions is an agency that can be relied upon to deliver what is promised.

Artists & Performers:

We offer opportunities to perform at high profile venues and events where your music will be exposed to discerning and enthusiastic audiences.

Tours and festival appearances will be professionally organised and publicised and you will be assured to receive what you’re promised.

Booking agent for quality independent musicians

Represented by Dave Tench, BigD Promotions

We book shows for Reggae, Dub, Roots, Afro-Celtic & Folk Artists.

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